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Lights, Landscape, French Drain

Earlier this past month, Stacy and Nathan, purchased a home and were in love with their new place. They wanted the outside of their new home to reflect the charm of the neighborhood. They called us for a consult and we discussed their landscaping needs, basically they wanted to increase curb appeal, didn't want high maintenance and also wanted to add some lights.

We came up with a plan. We would increase curb appeal by adding dwarf magnolias, Little Gems, against the brick wall on either side of the window to the left. We chose shrubs that were dwarf in variety, Green Mountain Boxwoods, so that they could sit on their porch and not be overwhelmed with growth of the shrubs years down the road. With the addition of annuals we would add color to the beds. We also added a 5 light setup, 3 lights for the walkway leading to the front door and the other 2 would shine upwards on the magnolias and a drip system for worry free watering of new shrubs and plantings.

Design Plan

On a day I went to take measurements for the metal edging it was pouring and I noticed that they were having some serious drainage issues. If we proceeded as planned, the plants were not going to survive for the long haul, due to root rot, so I strongly recommended to add a french drain as part of the design. A good foundation is an important part prior to any design implementation. Stacy and Nathan agreed.

Prior to digging we called 811 and had them mark the utilities.

Once we could see that we were clear to dig we started the french drain.

Once we had our desired depth we made sure to keep the slope at a 1/8 pitch so the water would be carried away from the beds, walkway and driveway. We placed stakes and a string level to measure for accuracy of the pitch.

Measure trench with string level - 1/8th pitch

We made sure to continue this pitch of the trench even under the sidewalk

Once we were satisfied that the pitch was consistent throughout the trench we laid the landscape fabric that would encapsulate the french drain.

With the fabric in place we placed a socked 4" perforated pipe within the fabric and then topped it with c-ballast gravel.

Once the fabric was filled with the c-ballast we folded it like a burrito and covered it up. So we could begin the placement of trees, shrubs, flowers, lights, drip system and edging.

Finally the beds with edging, lights and drip system installed.

If you have any questions in regards to your landscaping please call us to schedule a consult.

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