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Backyard Retreat

Do you have a space that your not sure what to do with? Such was the case here, a small backyard that we converted into a space for relaxation, small family gatherings or simply a place to unwind after a long day at work to read a book while enjoying a glass of wine.

So we began with the process of laying the foundation for our outdoor living space

Making sure to maintain the grade to keep water away from the house, we kept a constant check on the level and we also installed a french drain at the base of our slope to keep water away from the driveway and house.

The next part of the process is to lay out the flagstone and get the patio ready.

It's starting to come together. The fire pit location and plants start to come into the picture. We wanted to make an entrance to our space with 6 x 6 cedar posts sort of an entryway and started placing plants, trees and shrubs in their designated locations.

Another thing we added was a drip irrigation system to ensure that the landscape was low maintenance and the homeowners didn't have to worry about watering the new plantings.

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